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Luochuan red Yanluo apple cooperatives


In September 3, 2010, Yanluo established cooperatives.
In May 28, 2012, Yanluo cooperatives began in Guangdong Shantou fruit wholesale market.
In November 19, 2013, Yanluo cooperatives began in Guangdong Dongguan under the bridge fruit wholesale market.
In September 22, 2014, Yanluo cooperatives began stationed in Fujian Strait fruit wholesale market, Shanghai and Beijing market opened at the same time.
In September 2, 2016, Yanluo cooperatives began to Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing and other large supermarket farm.

  Luochuan red apple Yanluo cooperatives current membership of 192 people. There are two bases, Hu Hu Village and Gan Jie Cun. My aim is to absorb the best members and cultivate the best quality apples". The registered capital is 1 million 200 thousand yuan.
In accordance with the "private, public management, public benefit principle, development ideas to create a brand, a joint enterprise, open up a market, driven by a base", guided by the market, with the construction of high standard apple cooperatives as the goal, Guangzhou, Fujian and other places connected businessmen, year sales of Apple 5 million pounds.
Follow the "voluntary, free from the agency, risk sharing, benefit sharing" principle, operation of the joint-stock mode, the implementation of production orders in accordance with the "association + farmers + base" form. A Cooperative Council and board of supervisors under the Agricultural Technology Service Department, sales department for members to provide fruit, apple production technology training, pest control, Apple marketing intermediaries such as comprehensive prenatal and postpartum all in one service. The cooperative has begun to take shape, operation specification of cooperative economic organizations, leading role obviously, has certain market competition ability, cooperative and can better promote the radiation area farmers apple production organization degree, improve the level of apple industry. In the process of cooperation for the majority of the members of the service, service to the people, to improve the farmers planting efficiency and sales organization level, enhance the ability to resist the market risk, the "unified management, unified brand, unified quality, unified sales" as a long-term development goals, for the completion of the Luochuan and the Shaanxi green pollution-free production demonstration base.