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Luochuan specialties and snacks

  luochuan snacks


1、Sugar and oil cake (tang you gao)

When making, add boiling water into the flour, stir it until the dough is cool and knead and knead. Then put some cooking oil on your hands and then knead the dough. Take a small lump and flatten it with two palms. Pack in a spoonful of sugar and hold it. Pinch again after closing with two palms uniformly, pressing round pie. Pot boil oil, oil heat to 6 into the surface, pale golden brown, remove oil, not hot mouth can be eaten. Crisp outside and tender inside, sweet and refreshing, but as snacks to share。

2、soft bread (ruan muo)

The main raw materials: soft millet flour + bean paste and package. Production: its production process is first, after grinding, and then steamed, or is the first roller grinding machine grinding or soft millet flour, rose with a fine sieve, remove one (about 1/4), scalded with boiling water into a hard dough into a cage or steaming pot, about 40 minutes out, and the rest of my life to face into dough, put in the pot, hot Kang or micro fermentation in 6 Hot pot for 8 hours, until the dough has strong aroma, taste sweet, the fermented dough into a hollow steamed bread, add cooked bean bag, with pear leaves lining the bottom (so as not to get sticky when), and then into the pot with high heat for 40 minutes until cooked. Soft steamed steamed yellow was reduced, high viscosity and soft, sweet and delicious taste.


3、huang huang muo


The main raw materials: hard millet flour. It is the first production process, after grinding, then burn the stalls, the right amount of water pot, the water boiled, hard Mi will be milled out of a face with cold water and stir into a small pot of paste, pour into the boiling water pot, boil a few minutes, then gradually spread to the surface of a part of MI in the pot, sprinkle side edge up, make it become thick porridge, then stir boiling stone, about 40 minutes out of the pot, slightly cool and other hard surface and minced into the dough, put the pot cover yan. On the hot Kang or micro Hot pot fermentation in 6 hours, to be slightly sweet and fragrant smell, eat, another bowl, the fermented dough dug a piece, pour water into the pot, add yeast and water into a paste, then cover the basin, heat again to rise for 30 minutes in the batter, vesicle is appropriate, can be branded stalls. Booth pan stalls for special equipment with steamed yellow powder, commonly known as the Yellow Ao, Ao is circular, diameter 15 - 20 centimeters, middle slightly convex, on the cover, there are three feet about 6 cm high. When will it stand branded, with bricks of high burning firewood, to rub oil in it, it will use the spoon to prevent sticking, two times of fermentation of the batter up, pour from the Ao, the batter from the middle flow around, cover it cover, about 4 - 5 minutes, it has heard steam the water "rip" sound, can cover a spatula to Jie Ao, the middle folding double semicircle, shovel out into. Usually, always set up three to five - at the same time. The Yellow steamed soft crisp and delicious, delicious, topped with sesame sized litters, dip a Wang edible oil, is like a beautiful boat, lay like a round moon, the smell of incense, watching the tender, eating sweet. As a result of folding from the middle to the two layer, easy to meat, eggs, vegetables and other dishes, infiltration of different flavors, and thus won the favor of people.


4、you gao,

洛川小吃 油糕

Is one of the local delicacies in the most representative, by the Department of millet millet soft and refined, the plant after frying, golden color, delicate soft, delicate fragrance, taste sweet and delicious. Oil cake is common in Fengnian holidays or entertain family and friends, especially the wedding banquet. When the central red army arrived in Northern Shaanxi, the people of Yanan served oil and cakes to entertain the Red Army officers and men. The North Shaanxi folk song "red blossoms" in this "hot oil cake,......" It's a vivid description of it. When consumed with white sugar, it tastes great. Oil cakes are durable and do not change color, do not degenerate, is a natural green food.
5, pepper leaf steamed
6, corn, buckwheat noodles, steamed rolls
7, dry bean jelly
8, with Chitterling
9, Luochuan chicken
10, Luochuan fire bowl
11. Wife towel