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Shaanxi Yanan Luochuan Gala Apple

Brand: Yanluo apple
Luochuan County Old Town Hu Village
Class: superfine
Color bar red or red
Sugar is more than 13
Coloring rate greater than 90%

Gala apple native to New Zealand, by New Zealand fruit breeding base of moral education into. It was elected in 1939 and published in 1960. Fruit medium large, single fruit weight 180 - 200 grams, short cone, fruit surface golden yellow. The face is pale red with red intermittent broad stripes, and the fruit shape is straight and beautiful. Fruit top with five ridges, slender fruit stems, thin skin, shiny. Light yellow flesh, dense meat, crisp, juicy, sweet and sour taste great. Superior quality, more resistant to storage. Young trees early fruiting, high fruit set rate, high yield and stable yield, easy to manage. Apple is rich in nutrients, calories are not high, very popular with people who lose weight. The diet, with apple leather and a few slices of ginger boiled water to drink, can stop vomiting. With apples with pears, you can reduce the cold of pears, more strengthening and moistening the lungs and moistening the stomach. Autumn syrup, with apples, pears a few, plus Lily 1, two (30 grams), Dendrobium 5 money (15 grams), North and South apricot 3 dollars (9 grams), can be lung, cough. Apple will increase satiety, eating before meals can reduce the amount of food to achieve the purpose of weight loss. When compared to the species, the elderly.