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Luochuan Apple Development

   1945 - 1984
1, the spring of 1944, the autumn of 1945, when the Kuomintang army 106th division deputy division commander of the Luochuan nationality progressive flexion, has sent his men, Feng Deping and Li Xinan went to Luochuan County Youth Lingbao County Health orchard fruit technology and service * * school, built nursery. In the same year, Qu Yi in the county seat of Luochuan set up a table to inform the villagers about the benefits and knowledge.
2, March 1947, Li Xinan, a young man from the village of Yong Ling in the countryside, carried more than 200 seedlings from Lingbao, Henan Province, and planted 6.7 mu.
3 ,April 19, 1957, the first agricultural exhibition was held in Beijing, and Li Xinan was warmly received by Mao Zedong and * * * and posed for pictures.
4 , 1958, the temple village was awarded the advanced collective recognition of the national socialist construction activists congress.
5, In 1959 on the eve of national day, Chairman Mao and other central leaders have a taste of Luochuan apple, the office of reply letter said: Luochuan County planting apple, this is a pioneering work in the Loess plateau".
6 , 1974, Luochuan was listed as one of the 8 export apple base counties in the country, and began to develop community, team and school garden.
7, at the beginning of 1974, in the national "three club" (Ministry of agriculture and forestry, the Ministry of foreign trade, Ministry of Commerce, national Gongxiaozongshe) the national export base of apple in meeting held on Luochuan, "Red Star" apple in 237 samples, five indexes in four and total scores were more than the United States sheguo. Won the first.
8, 1978 spring, Vice Premier Wang Renzhong inspected the construction of Luochuan foreign trade apple production base.


  1985 - 1989
In 1 and December 1985, Luochuan Apple won the National Agricultural Products Fair honor award.
In 2 and March 1986, the apple production office was set up in Luochuan County, and the company was separated from the forest production.
3, November 1989, in the province of high quality apple award, selected by the province's first Luochuan guoguang.
4 and 1989, the Luochuan county government to participate in the implementation of "Wei Wei million apple base construction" project won the first prize of the provincial government.
1990 - 1994
1,June 1990, state councilor, state science and Technology Commission Director Song Jian, State Councilor Chen Junsheng inspected Luochuan apple production, and Luochuan Apple was included in the national science and Technology Commission poverty alleviation and development project.
In 2 and August 9, 1990, Luochuan Apple won the designated special fruit of the Eleventh Asian games.
3, October 26, 1991 - 27, Luochuan successfully passed the province's quality apple base acceptance test, entered the Shaanxi apple production grade a base county.

4, October 29, 1991, Beijing held the first "scientific and technological development of Luochuan China high quality apple news conference" at the Great Hall of the people in Luochuan. Wang Renzhong, Ma Wenrui and Liu Lantao attended the conference.
5 and November 1991, Luochuan Apple won the "seven. Five" national Spark Program results fair silver.
6, October 27, 1993 - 30 days, in the Shaanxi Apple promotion appraisal meeting to discuss evaluation, Rokawa Fuji, II, golden delicious, "three red" (red, red, red crown Marshal), Qin Guan and other 6 varieties of products won the province, which won the first golden delicious.
7, October 1994, Luochuan and Yangling to attend the first apple Chinese Technology Expo, Fuji, Qin Guan and other 8 varieties won awards.


   1995 - 1999
1, March 1995, Luochuan county set up 19 Township fruit station, the grassroots service system tends to improve.
2, November 1995, at the second session of China Agricultural Expo, Luochuan Apple won 13 gold, 7 silver and 1 bronze medals, the total number of gold medals and ranked the national participating county (city) of the first (including the Yanan Apple test).
3, April 1996, the CPPCC National Committee Vice * * visited Luochuan Guoquan apple industry, and the inscription: Luochuan apple.
In 4 and November 1996, Luochuan held the "best apple eugenic area" in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing -- a high-quality apple news conference in Luochuan, china". In 5 and October 1997, at the third Beijing China Agricultural Fair, Luochuan Apple won 5 national famous brand product awards.
In 6 and December 1999, the Luochuan Apple was designated as the "Macao return celebration" gift fruit".
2000 - 2004
In 1 and February 2000, Luochuan was granted the advanced county of the province's excellent fruit project by the Shaanxi provincial agriculture department.
2, May 2, 2000, the former national * * * * chairman of the * * * inspected the Luochuan apple industry, for the Luochuan Apple inscription: "play Luochuan advantage, explore the apple industry."".
3, June 29, 2000 - July 9th, Luochuan county production of large apple and technical backbone of 15 people went to Japan to study * * *.
4 and August 10, 2001, Luochuan Apple was identified as the twenty-first World University Games logo products.
5, June 2002, the Ministry of science and technology to determine Luochuan as pollution-free apple production demonstration counties.
6, November 2002, by the Japanese Itochu Corporation to invest $11 million in Yitian juice (Shaanxi) Co. Ltd. in Luochuan was completed and put into production, annual output of 20 thousand tons of concentrated juice design, opened the Luochuan apple processing road.
7, February 2003, the Ministry of agriculture identified Luochuan as the first batch of national pollution-free apple green food production base county".
8 and February 2003, Luochuan 50 thousand acres of high-quality apple production base for the first time to obtain national green food certification.
9, April 5, 2003 - 6, Luochuan county was determined by the Ministry of agriculture as the only dominant agricultural products (Apple) demonstration county of industrial construction.
In 10 and May 19, 2003, Yanan fruit industry group won the "Shaanxi apple" origin protection trademark right to use.
In 11 and September 2003, Luochuan Apple obtained the right of self export, and realized the "zero" breakthrough of Apple's own export.
12, November 22, 2004, "people's Daily" classic China column published "Luochuan: a reflection of" red flag Guo Xiang, Tu Vin Unionmaw introduced the "golden land on the red apple".

  2005 - 2009
In 1 and May 2005, Italy national television "green online" column group 20 people field interviews, special shooting introduced Luochuan apple. In 2 and October 16, 2005, Luochuan was awarded the "national demonstration base for pollution-free agricultural products export by standard" by the Ministry of agriculture".
3, January 2006, Luochuan won the "glorious fifteen" honorary title of fruit industry in Shaanxi county.
In 4 and March 2006, the people's Government of Shaanxi province awarded the "advanced county of fruit industry" in Luochuan".
5, September 27, 2006, the national superior agricultural products industrial belt construction site will be held in Luochuan, Luochuan was awarded the national Ministry of agriculture superior agricultural products industrial demonstration county.
6 and August 31, 2006, Luochuan Apple won the Chinese women's volleyball team exclusive Apple naming rights.
In 7 and December 23, 2007, Luochuan Apple exhibition hall was built and opened, which fully displayed the development process of Luochuan apple.
8, 2007, Luochuan was awarded the "national fruit 20 County title of national fruit association.
9, July 2008, the world famous enterprises of Carrefour, Chinese headquarters national fresh direct mining ministry and Luochuan County West Village Apple cooperatives signed the purchase contract of agricultural products, marking the Luochuan Apple officially entered the supermarket Carrefour sales, Luochuan apple to standardization, specialization has taken a big step.
10 and July 2008, Luochuan Apple became the twenty-ninth Beijing Olympic Games for apple production base.
11 and October 2008, Luochuan County 1000 acres of organic apples production base successfully passed the European Union certification of organic certification of agricultural products. In 12 and December 19, 2008, the China Luochuan international Apple Exhibition Center was built on the basis of an investment of 160 million yuan by Yanchang Petroleum Group and an area of 102 mu.
In 13 and March 6, 2009, the construction of Apple modern industrial park was established in Luochuan.
14 and 2009, "Luochuan apple" selected the first national agricultural products regional public brand hundred, "Luochuan apple" brand value of 2 billion 523 million yuan.
2010 - 2016
1 , April 2010, Luochuan Apple won the "2010 Shanghai World Expo reception apple" naming rights.
2 , July 8, 2010, Luochuan Apple was identified as "Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games for apple."".
3, July 16, 2010, communism and Premier of the State Council, * * study of Huasheng fruit group in Shaanxi, met more than 40 farmers in Shaanxi, including 17 farmers from Luochuan Guo xiang.
4, November 2010, Luochuan county "Luochuan apple" that geographical trademark by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office as A Well-Known Trademark in China, which was first identified as A Well-Known Trademark in China agricultural products in Shaanxi province.
5 and April 2013, Luochuan Apple was identified as "Boao forum for Asia 2013 annual meeting services."".
6 and September 2013, the Asian fresh fruit and Vegetable Marketing Summit organizing committee identified Luochuan apple as the 2013 most welcomed by the Shanghai market, ten major brands of fruits and vegetables list;
7 and 2013, Luochuan apple seed successfully equipped with "Shenzhou ten", began space breeding experiment, opened up the apple seedling breeding methods.
8 and September 2014, the establishment of the Yanan Luochuan Apple E-Commerce Association, the rapid development of Apple e-commerce in Luochuan, Luochuan Apple has become one of the important channels of sales.
9, October 2014, by the Yanan? Luochuan Apple Culture Research Association and Shaanxi longpin culture media Co., Ltd. jointly produced the "bad boy" drum, show people's positive Guo Xiang love life spirit, is the first in the history of Luochuan digital cinema.
10, June 23, 2015, in the first Chinese fruit brand conference, "Luochuan apple" won the "2015 China fruit area public brand 50 strong" brand, in 2015 the Luochuan Apple brand evaluation value reached 5 billion 573 million yuan.
11 and January 2016, Luochuan five hundred thousand acres of apples successfully passed the green food raw materials standardization production base certification, becoming the largest green apple concentrated contiguous planting base.
12, February 24, 2016, Luochuan county apple industry Management Bureau of fruit orchards construction achievements won the Shaanxi fruit industry ten key innovation award of the first, apple transformation and upgrading demonstration project innovation award.
13 and March 22, 2016, Luochuan Apple cross-border electricity supplier exports the first single contract.
14, April 20, 2016, the film "Luochuan red apple" in Luochuan boot, a small apple on the big screen reflects the Luochuan Apple development course of over 60 years.
15 and August 30, 2016, Luochuan Apple re take the Silk Road and Kazakhstan large cultural business exchange activities started in Luochuan.
16 and September 14, 2016, Luochuan Apple signed UAE opened the Middle East market.
In 17 and October 11, 2016, the first world apple Congress was successfully held in Luochuan.